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In this section, You will find everything you need to help you sell. Included in the folders below are commonly asked questions, features at a glance, white papers, briefs, Email templates, case studies and more! If there is a resource you would like, but don’t see listed, please reach out to and we will assist in creating the content

Authoritative DNS - The Ecessa Advantage
Authoritative DNS is a must for any organization hosting web services for remote employees, subscribers or application users. Here are a couple of tips to ensure your customers' network resources are always available: Provision ...
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How Credit Unions Benefit from Ecessa SD-WAN Solutions
PARDA Federal Credit Union, headquartered in Michigan, upgraded its network with Ecessa secure SD-WAN technology. PARDA uses virtual desktops and VoIP applications in its day-to-day operations, which were performing poorly on ...
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Ecessa SD-WAN and Failover Products
A quick guide to Ecessa SD-WAN and Failover products with case study links. Product comparison chart helps you and your clients select the Ecessa family that is right for their business needs.
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Security and SD-WAN: Firewall Comparison
Do your clients need a firewall or SD-WAN - or both? In this technology brief, we explain why both are needed and show three network architectures that may apply to your customers.
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Ecessa Battle Card A
This battle card includes talking points.
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What is SD-WAN Explainer Video
If you would like to share this video with your customers, please use the following link.
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Ecessa Insight Management Data Sheet
Ecessa Insight is a web-based management portal that makes monitoring and managing Ecessa devices simple, anytime, from anywhere.
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Ecessa WANworX Data Sheet
Build a more secure SD-WAN environment with Ecessa WANworX and NGFW.
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Woodstream Case Study
How Woodstream deployed Ecessa’s SD-WAN solution throughout its global network to enable the use of multiple MPLS and broadband connections and ensure their network is never down.
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Egan Case Study
Ecessa Case Study
Dunmore Case Study
Ecessa Case Study
Delaware Valley Floral Group Case Study
If your customer can't tolerate outages, this case study is for them.
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